Doing Business and Investing in Hungary

Hungary has been an EU member since 2004, so European business practices and standards generally apply. Hungary is liable to the common tariffs of the EU.

For information on how to export to the European Union (EU) please access to the website of the Export Helpdesk of the European Commission: The Export Helpdesk is an online service to facilitate market access to the European Union.

According to the Hungarian legal regulations there are some exceptions from the EU free trade rules. The export or import transactions of certain products require a license from the Hungarian Trade Licensing Office. For more infromation visit the website: Hungarian Trade Licensing Office – MKEH.

Before entering the market make sure you thoroughly research the market. The Thai Trade Center Budapest can help Thai firms to access the Hungarian market.

Thai companies intending to use distribution, franchising and agency arrangements or to set up own companies need to ensure that the agreements they put into place are in accordance with EU and the Hungarian national laws.

The Best Way to Set Up – Branch or Corporate Entity: What is the Most Suitable for Your Business in Hungary?

There are several standard legal entities through which a person may do business in Hungary. The most common and popular ones are (i) a limited liability company and (ii) a joint stock company. The most common legal entity in Hungary is a limited liability company, mainly due to lower administrative burdens. Joint stock companies are … Continue Reading

If you are considering a large scale transaction you should consult one of the international law firms based in Hungary. If you wish to study the Hungarian investment environment as well as information on the most attractive pulling sectors of the Hungarian economy please visit the HIPA website.


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