Thai Coconut Milk: Ethically-Sourced and Sustainable Farming Practices 🥥🌴

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Coconut milk is a long-standing staple in Southeast Asian cuisine, renowned for its unique flavor and creamy texture that adds depth to both sweet and savory dishes. As global demand for plant-based, healthy food increases, the popularity of coconut milk is on the rise.


Thailand is the world’s biggest exporter of coconut milk, widely recognized for producing high-quality products that prioritize sustainability and ethical farming practices. With a focus on food traceability and stringent public authority inspections, Thailand’s coconut industry relies solely on manpower and machinery for harvesting, as using animals in modern farming is considered both unfeasible and inhumane.


cruelty-free Thai coconut


Concerns have been raised globally about the use of illegal monkey labor in Thailand’s coconut industry, but such practices are almost nonexistent in the sector. To ensure that all coconut harvesting is free from animal cruelty, the Thai government enacted the Cruelty Prevention and Welfare of Animals Act in 2014 and launched the “GAP Monkey Free Plus” certification scheme. Additionally, coconut milk producers in Thailand implement active food traceability practices to track every ingredient from the coconut‘s growth to the harvesting process.


Thailand’s coconut industry’s dedication to ethical farming practices and food traceability is reflected in its strict legislation, certification schemes, and inspections by public authorities. As consumers worldwide seek more sustainable and ethically sourced products, they can trust that Thailand’s coconut milk is produced with care for both people and animals.


For more information about Thailand’s coconut milk, please contact or check out the Department of International Trade at


Cruelty-free coconut milk from Thailand

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