Post-pandemic Consumption Drives Demand for Thai high-quality Natural Rubber Gloves

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Due to its geographical position as a tropical country, Thailand is the fertile ground for rubber tree plantations. High-quality rubber latex harvested by skilled Thai farmers with smart agriculture practices is one of the factors that makes natural rubber gloves made in Thailand unique.

Thailand is the world’s largest exporter of rubber, with an industry that supports around 1.7 million Thai households. This year, Thailand topped the list of rubber exporting countries in the first half of 2022, with shipments of 2.19 million tons valued at 70.5 billion baht (around 1.96 billion USD). By the end of this year, the Rubber Authority of Thailand expects Thai rubber production to total 4.79 million tons (a 0.88% increase YoY), while exports will reach 4.27 million tons, up 3.41% from last year.

The Covid-19 pandemic pushed the issue of hygiene and healthcare to the forefront of global attention; hence consumer behavior changed dramatically. Protective equipment such as face masks and rubber gloves become an absolute necessity in everyday life. Moreover, consumers started to buy more environmentally-friendly products and become more aware of how their consumption affects the environment. Therefore, the need for natural rubber gloves in the global market is always on the rise.

Regarding environmental concerns, a surge in waste disposal problems follows an increasing demand for rubber gloves worldwide, which is expected to grow by 10% to 330 billion pieces per year. However, natural rubber gloves are less toxic and biodegradable than synthetic nitrile gloves, making them a non-environmental long-term waste.

The shift in customer behavior and an increased concern about environmental impact are an advantage to Thailand, as one of the global suppliers of natural rubber latex and rubber gloves. Thailand is committed to providing products for consumers worldwide with an emphasis on safety reassurance. Leading Thai manufacturers have long adopted international standard certifications, such as ASTM International, ISO, and FDA. Moreover, thanks to the Thai government’s financial subsidies, the Thai rubber glove industry is boosting production to meet global demand, upgrading equipment, and increasing its overall R&D investments to improve product quality. For example, Thai manufacturers are investing in protein reduction in natural rubber latex (NRL) medical gloves to reduce sensitivity reactions or latex allergy, ensuring the safety and health of operational workers.

Learn more about the Thai rubber industry at the Thailand Board of Investment.

If you are interested in importing top-quality rubber gloves from Thailand, the Office of Commercial Affairs, Royal Thai Embassy in Budapest is at your disposal via +36 1 212 2738 and

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